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What Is A Factory Window Tint?

May 11

Window tinting has been used for many years in both the residential and automotive industries. It reduces heat entering a car or building, and can protect people from harmful UV rays.

There are many levels of window tinting, each offering a different level protection. This article will explain how much window tint is used in factories.

What is a Factory Window Tint?

Factory window tint is a film that is applied to windows in a building. This film reduces heat and UV rays entering a building. Tints for factory windows are usually made of metalized polyester or other materials that reflect sunlight.

Factory window tints can be darker than other types, with a range of darkness from 20% to 80 percent. Your needs and preferences will determine the level of darkness you choose.

What are the Benefits of Factory Window Tints?

A factory window tint offers many benefits, including:

Reduced heat: Factory window tints will reduce heat by reflecting the sun's rays and keeping your building cooler.

Diminished Fading: Sunlight can cause the sun to fade your walls, floors, and furniture. Factory window tints can help reduce the amount that fades.

You will have more privacy with a darker tint than with a lighter one.

Reduced Glare: Factory window tints can reduce the amount you see when you're inside your building.

A factory window tint could be the solution to your problem. It can improve the comfort and minimize the damage caused by the sun. Discuss your requirements with a professional to determine the right percentage.

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Difference between Tints:

The tint percentage refers to how much light is allowed to pass through the film. A higher percentage will allow more light to pass through the film, while a lower percentage will allow less light to pass through.

You can also reduce the heat and glare by choosing the right type of film. There are two types of window film available: non-metallic and metalized. Window film made from metal contains small metal particles that reflect sunlight away from the window. Non-metallic window films do not contain any metal particles. Instead, they rely on a special dye that absorbs the incoming sunlight.

Is window tinting legal?

Window tinting is legal in most states. There are however, a few states with stricter window film laws. These states are usually located in the northern regions of the country, where the sun is less intense.

It is crucial to verify the regulations in your area before you tint your windows. You could face a fine or even the removal of your tint if you fail to comply.

What to Look for When Choosing a Window Tinting Service

There are some things to keep in mind when choosing a window tinting company. You want to ensure that the company has a solid track record and is well-respected. Many fly-by-night businesses will steal your money and perform substandard work.

You also want to ensure that high-quality film is used by the company. Many of the less expensive films can peel or fade over time. This can not only make your car look ugly, but it could also cause problems with the windows.

You should also ensure that the company provides a guarantee on their work. You will be protected in the event of any problems with your installation.


These are the things you need to keep in mind when looking for a company that tints your car's windows. After the film is installed, you will be able enjoy reduced glare as well as UV protection. You'll love your car with tinted windows.

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