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What To Look For When Buying Window Tint

May 15

Window tinting offers a great solution to increase privacy and enhance the appearance of your home. But how long does it usually take for a window to cure?

This is a very important question, especially as you need your windows to be usable quickly. This blog will cover the curing process and give some tips on speeding it up.

What Does Window Tinting Mean?

Window tinting can be described as the process of applying a thin coating to the glass surfaces of windows. It can be applied either inside or out of the window. Window tinting can enhance privacy, reduce glare and help keep buildings cooler during summer months.

How does Window Tinting work?

Window tinting works through reflecting or absorption of light that hits the glass. The darker tint will absorb more light. This helps to keep your space cooler in summer by blocking some of the heat from the sun. Window tinting can be used to help decrease heat loss from your house or office in winter.

Types Of Window Tinting Films

There are three main types for window tinting films: ceramic, metalized, or dyed.

It is the most used type of film for both residential and commercial purposes. It is made by applying thin layers of dye to the film. This type can be faded over time but provides excellent heat rejection and glare mitigation.

Metalized window films are made by applying thin layers of metal to the film. This film offers good heat rejection and reduces glare, but can block cell phone signals.

Ceramic window films are made with ceramic particles that are infused during manufacturing. This type film offers excellent heat rejection, UV protection and glare-reduction, but it is generally more expensive than other films.

The type of tint used determines how long it takes for the window tint to cure. Most window films are dry in 24 hours. Metalized and ceramic windows film may take up to 30 day to cure.

What Should You Look For in Buying Window Tint

You should consider these things when shopping for window tint. There are three important things to keep in mind: the type of window tint, its thickness, and the size.

The amount of time it takes for your window tints to cure will depend on what type you choose. The cure time for dyed window tint is usually within 24 hours. For metalized and porcelain window tints, it can take up 30 days. Consider the thickness of your tint as well.

Thicker films will have a longer lifespan and resist heat better than thin films. Important to consider is the size of each roll. Larger rolls will offer greater coverage and last longer than smaller ones.

What Are The Best Ways To Speed Up Curing?

You can speed up the curing process in several ways. To heat the film evenly, use a heat gun and hairdryer. Another method is to place your car in direct sunshine for a few minutes. This will evenly cure any film.


If you take your time and adhere to these tips, you can get a window tint job that looks great for years.

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