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Best Thrift Store: The Whaley Center

May 29

If you're looking for an experience that is unique in the shopping world, you'll love the Whaley Center. This shop is different from similar one; it has merchandise that are made by local artists and craftsmen, making it the perfect spot to shop for unique products.

You'll find everything from home and decor items and jewelry to accessories and clothing at The Whaley Center and you should make sure to stop by when you're in town!

What is A Thrift Store?

Thrift stores are stores of retail that offer items at discounted prices. The majority of thrift stores are operated by religious, charitable, or non-profit organizations.

What is the Whaley Center?

The Whaley Center, a thrift shop in downtown Lexington is called "The Whaley Center". The store offers products by local artists and craftsmen, making it the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind gifts.

Where can I donate to the Whaley Center?

The Whaley Center accepts donations of gently used items. To donate, bring the items in during normal hours or contact the organization to schedule a pickup.

What Kind of Items Can I Find at The Whaley Center?

The Whaley Center sells many items including clothes, furniture and décor. Also, you can find books, music, and movies in the store.

How to Sell Products at The Whaley Centre

The Whaley Center is always looking for new items to sell. You can donate gently used items to the Whaley Center in normal office hours. Contact the organization to arrange for a pick up.

What Brands Does The Whaley Center Sell?

The Whaley Center sells a variety of brands that include but are not including American Eagle, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Gap, J. Crew, and Nike.

Apart from clothing shops The center also houses food courts with several restaurants.

The Whaley Center is an ideal place to locate everything you need under one roof. Whether you're looking for new clothes or a tasty meal, you're bound to find it at the Whaley Center.

Why shop at The Whaley Center?

When you shop at the Whaley Center, you are supporting a great cause. The clothing store provides employment and job training for those with developmental disabilities. By shopping at the store you're helping change the lives of those who work there.


Q. Does the store offer wrap-around services for gifts?

A: Yes, the store provides gift wrapping services.

Q. Do you sell food in the store?

A Note: The store doesn't offer food products.

The Whaley Center is a great spot to look for distinctive gifts for your friends and family. With a wide variety of products available, you're sure to discover something for all of your loved ones.

With its convenient hours and simple donation procedures With its convenient hours and simple donation procedures, The Whaley Center provides an easy shop for those who are in need. So the next time you're looking for that perfect gift make sure you visit The Whaley Center! It will be a great choice.

Is There a Way To Shop at The Whaley Center Online?

Unfortunately, at this time the shop does not provide online shopping. They're working on this! You can look through their collections by visiting their website. If you're not local to the region, you're able to explore what The Whaley Center has to offer. Who knows, you may discover something you'll never be able to be without!


The Whaley Center is an excellent location to shop for special gifts or to support local groups. You'll find something you are awed by the vast selection of products available and the affordable cost.

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