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Bail Bonds In Greensboro, NC: 24-Hour Bondsman

Jun 27

You require a bail bond for Greensboro NC. Look no further than 24 Hour Bondsman! We can help you get out quickly! We have years of expertise working in the bail bonding business We are committed to giving our customers the most efficient service available.

We offer a range of services. These include 24/7 emergency services, free consultations, and payment plans. Contact us now to start.

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond an official document that permits an individual to be released from jail while they await the court date. A bail bond is posted by a bail bondsman, and guarantees that the person will show up for their court date. If the defendant fails to show to court, the bail bond agent will be responsible for paying the entire sum of the bond.

How Do You Receive an Bail Bond?

There are two options to get a bail bond. You can contact the bail bondsman directly or go through a bail agent. To inquire if bail bonds are offered you can also call the local sheriff's department.

What is the requirement to obtain an Bail Bond?

To obtain bail you must give the bail bondsman specific information about yourself as well as the charges against you. Additionally, you will need to have collateral that has value that the bail bondsman can hold onto in case you fail to show up on time for your court appearance.

What happens if You Do Not Call Bail

If you fail to pay your bail the first thing to happen is that the bail bondsman will be looking for you. If they cannot locate you, they may employ a bounty hunter to find you. If you are caught, you will be arrested and brought back to the court. The collateral you have secured could also be forfeited.

What To Look For in a Bail Bondsman

You want to ensure that the bail bondsman you select is licensed and insured. Also, you should be sure they are reputable. Check through the Better Business Bureau or do an online search to find out whether there are any complaints about bail bond agents.


Q. Do I require an attorney to represent me?

A: No, you don't require an attorney to get a bail bond. However, it is highly advised.

Q: How much will it cost you?

A: The amount you pay for bail will determine the amount of the bail bond. A majority of bail bondmen charge a fee of around 10 percent.

Q. What happens if I don't have money?

A: If you're not able to pay the bail bondsman might be able to assist you with the option of a payment plan.

Q. What happens if I quit my town?

A: If you are caught in the midst of a rush or in a hurry, you'll likely be detained. If you are unable to make bail payments and are in the jail until your trial date. There is a way to be released from the jail while you wait for your trialdate: post bail.


If you're needing a bail bond, Greensboro, NC is a great place to start your search. You can find many reliable bail bondsmen who can help you quickly get out of the jail. Compare rates and compare before settling on the bail bondsman you want to use to get the most competitive price.

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