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3 CHI HHC Disposable Vape Pen

Aug 31

The 3CHI HHC disposable vape pen is available in a variety of effects and flavors. Blue Dream, Cookies and Galaxy Treats are some of the flavors available. The flavors are developed by using CCELL technology, which creates an entirely distinctive flavor profile.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream 3 HHC Blue Dream 3 HHC disposable vaping cartridge contains 95% hexahydrocannabinol and 5terpenes, and blueberry-like sweetness. HHC is quite like Delta-9 THC with regards to its euphoria, relaxation effects, and general feeling. HHC is much more powerful, and thus less damaging to the lung. The cartridge is also free of cutting agents.

Blue Dream 3CHI HHC disposable vape pen contains the capacity of 900mg HHC. It is a great option for those who are more advanced. The pen can be recharged unlike the other brands. Its design is comfortable when held in your hand. It also comes with six different flavors. You can pick the flavor you like that is fruity or spicy.


HHC is a cannabinoid that is naturally that is found in marijuana, is referred to as HHC. While it does have similar effects to THC HHC, it is much less powerful. One milligram of this substance is found within the Baked HHC Disposable vape pen. The vape is a cookie taste and provides an intense cerebral experience.

HHC Disposable Vape Pens come in various flavors that are inspired by a variety of Cookies varieties. They are ready to use straight out of the box. You don't have to worry about charging batteries or recharging. It also delivers a quick psychoactive hit. The flavor of cookies is an intense baked fruit flavor with a fresh baked smell.

Galaxy Treats

Galaxy Treats 3CHI HHC disposable vape vaporizer is available in a range of tasty flavors that will leave you feeling satisfied and relaxed. The vaporizer is available in two strengths and offers the perfect blend of sweet flavor and HHC. Two-gram cartridges deliver smooth hits and last for twice as long as the standard cartridge.

The vaporizer has ceramic coils which can be recharged. The vape pen is available in four flavors and includes two mL of cartridge that is prefilled with 2mL of oil. The process of hydrogenation allows the creation of vape pens that are infused with cannabinoid.


The CCELL 3 CHI disposable vaporizer pen comes with hemp oil with a broad spectrum blend as well as natural Terpenes. The CCELL 3 CHI disposable vaporizer pen comes with an ceramic coil as well as an polycarbonate tank. It is possible to activate the CCELL 3 CHI HC using either breath or pressing the button. The cartridge comes with a 510-compatible lithium battery.

The technology of preheating within the cartridge can help remove the buildup of oil. While this procedure is not harmful, it could create temporary blockages in the airway. The process of heating the cartridge can create a tiny hole to develop within the obstruction. But, the hole is likely to be back after the next time. The oil may accumulate over time, and eventually end up in the mouth.


The 3Chi disposable vape pen is an excellent alternative for those looking to vape CBD oil. It is constructed with an exclusive blend of cannabinoids that produce powerful effects across the body. You can pick from Blue Dream or Pineapple Express flavors. Both are delicious and have immediate effects. After taking these, you'll feel more relaxed and more relaxed. Galaxy Treats is an excellent choice for people who prefer easy beats.

The HHC vape cartridge comes with an CCELL cigarette battery that is pre-attached. It is extremely simple to use and does not need any maintenance. The vape pen was made to deliver the best flavor and convenience without any compromise in security. To prevent leakage, it's important to keep your pen standing up straight and in an area that is cool and dark. The vapors could be damaged by moisture and heat and it is recommended to keep your vape pen out of the way of machinery.

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