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The Mental Health and Trauma Recovery Retreat Center You Have Been Looking For!

Nov 29

If you want to live a better life, you have to learn ways to overcome various mental health issues that come your way. One of the main things that have been dragging people behind is unresolved trauma. This is a serious issue leading to PTSD, depression, and even low self-esteem. When the trauma is resolved, one can heal and start a new journey to greatness. The best treatment for unresolved trauma is going for a Trauma Recovery Retreat. Intensive Therapy Retreats offers the best trauma recovery retreats and has helped many people reclaim their lives. Here is what differentiates us.

We Have an Excellent Reputation

Intensive Therapy Retreats have been operational for many years now. We have built an excellent reputation over the years. It has not been easy, but thanks to our able team of therapists led by Dr. Bambi Rattner, we have been able to help many people. It is important to note that our Intensive Trauma Therapy retreats are for all people who want to reclaim their lives and achieve great things in life. We serve all our clients equally, and all of them are happy and satisfied with our retreats. The customer reviews on our website tell it all.

We Have Well Equipped Centers

We are one of the best Trauma Retreat Centers equipped with all the necessary equipment, furniture, and more. We have also invested heavily in beautifying our centers with flowers, beautiful plants, and artwork so that you can feel comfortable and at ease. This allows you to relax and unwind. The environment is also away from the noise and life stressors, allowing you to focus on healing and recovery.

Our Retreats Focus on Resolving Many Problems, Not Just Unresolved Trauma

Our facility has grown over the years, and today, we are proud to say that we offer Mental Health Retreats Near Me targeting a wide range of conditions. Besides focusing on healing trauma, we also offer Depression Retreats. These retreats aim to help persons with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic stress. We also have special retreats for individuals with low self-esteem. 

We Have a Respectful Team

We know that your journey has not been easy. That is why we have a specially trained and experienced team to assist you. The team respects you and appreciates your religion, culture, and personality. We also give you personalized attention so that we can get right to the heart of the problem and assist you.

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