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Harford County Trash Services

Jan 13

Are you looking for a convenient and reliable way to get rid of the junk you don't want in Harford County? You should consider One Ten Junk Removal for all of your junk removal needs! One Ten offers quality services at affordable rates making it the ideal solution for busy families living in the region. Find out more about the reasons they distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Introduction to Harford County Trash Services

Harford County trash services are provided by the county's government. The county has trash cans that residents can use and picks up the garbage from the containers on a weekly basis. Residents can also recycle their waste, and the county provides recycling bins to do this.

What is the most efficient method to eliminate junk?

One-ten junk removal is the most effective option when it comes to junk removal. We provide a hassle-free service that does all the lifting. Contact us to let us know what you want and we'll handle everything else. We'll come to your office or home and take the junk into our trucks and haul it away, leaving you with a clean place and peace of mind.

For those who don’t have the energy, time, or the desire to tackle all of their clutter on their own One-ten junk elimination is the best alternative. Also, we're great for those who want to clean out their home but don't know how to begin. Our team will assist you to identify the items that can be recycled, donated, or put away to make the most of the space you have.

The benefits of using Harford County Trash Services

In the area of waste management, Harford County is committed to giving residents the best possible service. They provide affordable, reliable and sustainable trash service. These are only a few of the many benefits that Harford County trash services can bring to you:

-Reliability. Harford County trash services will take care of your trash promptly and every time.

Affordable The rates are competitive, and they offer discounts for seniors as well as people with lower incomes.

Eco-friendly: They offer recycling services, and employ state-of-the art equipment to reduce waste from landfills.

What Types of Debris Can Be Removed?

Harford County Trash Services can remove many kinds of debris. Some of the most common kinds of debris we take away include:

-Bulk trash

-Construction debris

-Yard waste


We provide special services for the removal of dangerous materials and electronic debris. For more information about the kinds of debris we can take away, please call us now.

Price Guide for Harford County Trash Services

The Harford County Department of Public Works provides a range of trash removal services for residents. The cost and nature of service offered will differ based on the amount of trash being removed, the frequency of service as well as where the service is provided.

The first step is to select the kind that best suits your needs monthly, bi-weekly or monthly. The cost for each kind of service is determined by the number of 32-gallon containers you'll need. Your garbage volume will determine the amount of containers you require.

Residents can choose from 1, 2 containers, or 4 for weekly service at $18.50/month or $37/month, or $74/month. Bi-weekly service is available with 2 or 1 containers at $9.25/month or $18.50/month respectively. Also, there is a monthly option for 1 container for $4/month. Please note that all prices can be changed without notice , and additional charges may be imposed.

How to book a job using One Ten Junk Removal

If you're searching for an affordable and reliable junk removal service within Harford County, look no further than One Ten Junk Removal. One Ten Junk Removal offers many services to help you remove all of your junk. This includes furniture and appliance removal as well as construction debris and yard waste removal. Contact us now to receive an estimate at no cost and address any questions you have.

Tips to Make Cleaning Easy

1. Before you put your trash into the bin, make sure you've bagged.

2. Keep your trash cans as clean as you can.

3. Recycling materials should be placed in the appropriate bin.

4. Place your trash cans on the curb every trash day.

5. Remember to bring your trash can back in after pick-up!


Harford County offers a variety of garbage services for its residents. With both curbside collection and drop-off locations, you have the convenience you require when it comes to disposing of household waste. It is important to contact Harford County directly if you have any concerns or questions about their services. Your house will be cleared of clutter because of their consistent and reliable collections.

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