College students – The OpinionPanel Group pays you to your opinion!

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The OpinionPanel Community is the UK’s largest youth research body. It was founded in 2004 and has over 140,000 members. If you are between 16 and 30 years old and want to make easy money this is for you. You share your opinion and collect points that can be redeemed for Amazon and other shopping vouchers!

£ 10 credits (1,000 points) just for signing up!

As soon as you have joined, you will receive 1,000 points for free, which is worth € 10 in Amazon or other vouchers for shopping vouchers! You can claim your vouchers once you have reached 2,500 points which is the equivalent of a £ 25 voucher. To do this, you typically need to complete around 15 surveys to reach the 2,500 point threshold. As soon as you have claimed your € 25 shopping voucher, you will receive another 1,000 points so that you can start collecting your next voucher!

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50 pence – £ 5 in credits per online survey and around £ 40 per online focus group

The OpinionPanel pays off fairly for your time. Each online survey you fill out is worth 50-500 points (50p – £ 5 in vouchers). There are also ways to make more money through research opportunities like online communities and focus groups – which often pay more than £ 40 in cash! Even if you don’t qualify for a survey, you will be entered into a monthly drawing to win £ 50. Competitions are also held to win other prizes.

What’s the catch?

There is no! The OpinionPanel community does research with big brands, universities, and even the government, all of whom want to hear your thoughts on various topics. Her sister company is a research agency called YouthSight. You may have seen her quoted in the press. They collect customer questions and pay you to answer them!

So why not take advantage of these paid opportunities and let your voice be heard at the same time? Their views often contribute to policy polls, help universities improve their student experience, are fed back to policy makers, brand strategists, or marketers. As a member of the OpinionPanel community, you have a lot of influence!

You are a member of Fair Data and a corporate partner of the Market Research Society (MRS), which is bound by the MRS Code of Conduct. They just do market research, so they never send unsolicited emails, offers, or discounts (there are plenty of other places for student discounts), don’t share your personal information with anyone, or try to sell you anything. Everything you tell them will remain confidential and anonymous.

Journalist? Writer? Blogger?

The OpinionPanel community not only participates in research, but also offers members the opportunity to post their work on the community blog. Articles written by members are published every few days – perfect for an aspiring writer to get their work published! The author of the most popular article makes £ 50 every month through PayPal!

What do we do in our free time?

Good stuff. They are big supporters of the World Land Trust, a charity that works to protect endangered habitats and species around the world. We recently funded the purchase of 5 properties adjacent to the Pangi Forest Reserve in Borneo to protect the critically endangered Bornean Orangutan.

The OpinionPanel has definitely received the MoneyMagpie seal of approval.

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