This is the way to discover out which WordPress theme a web site is utilizing

Have you ever seen a great looking WordPress site and wished you could get the exact same theme?

Often times we hear from readers asking for help to find the name of a topic they love on someone else’s website.

Fortunately, checking a site’s theme is easy and free. In this article, we’re going to show you how to find out which WordPress theme a site is using.

When building a website, one of the biggest decisions you face is choosing your topic.

There is a lot to consider when choosing the perfect WordPress theme for your website. When you come across a website with a layout and features that you love, this can be a good shortcut to help you find the right theme for you.

Some websites use custom themes that you probably can’t use yourself. However, in many cases, you will find that websites use one of the best free WordPress themes or a popular premium theme.

In this case, you can find out the name of the theme and download or buy it yourself.

Finding out what WordPress theme a website is using is really easy. We are going to walk you through three different methods.

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If you prefer written instructions, just read on.

Method 1. Use WPBeginner’s WordPress Theme Detector Tool

The easiest way to find out what theme a WordPress website is using is to use our WordPress theme detector tool.

It’s completely free to use. All you need to do is enter the website url and then hit the “Analyze Website” button.

Enter the name of the website you want to analyze

Our theme detector searches the website’s source code and shows you the name of the WordPress theme used.

For example, if a website uses the popular Divi theme, our theme detector will show:

The WordPress Theme Detector in action, which detects the Divi theme

However, if it is a less popular theme or a custom theme, our tool will show you the theme name with no screenshot.

Then all you have to do is copy / paste that topic name into Google search to see if you can find the download link.

If it’s a custom theme, you won’t find it. However, if it’s one of the thousands of free / premium WordPress themes available, download and use it.

Method 2. Use IsItWP to detect the site’s WordPress theme

Another easy way to tell which WordPress theme a website is using is with IsItWP, a website theme detector.

IsItWP is a free online tool that explains the theme and plugins of a WordPress website to you.

Just open the IsItWP website and enter the url of the website you want to check.

Checking the theme and plugins of a website using IsItWP

IsItWP first checks that the website is using WordPress. In this case, IsItWP will detect which WordPress theme the site is using and show you the results:

IsItWP shows details of the detected topic

It also tries to identify the WordPress hosting provider and the WordPress plugins used by the website. You’ll see a list of these with download links as well as links to IsItWP’s reviews of the plugins:

IsItWPs details about plugins used by the examined site

Sometimes you will see such a result for the theme of the site:

IsItWP specifies the name of a custom or child topic

IsItWP may not be able to give you details about a custom WordPress theme or sub-theme.

However, it will show the name of the theme so you can search for it online and see if it is available to download or buy.

Method 3. Manually detecting the WordPress theme used by a website

Sometimes website owners change the name of their WordPress theme. This prevents tools like our WordPress theme detector or IsItWP from detecting which WordPress theme they are using.

However, you can often use the website’s code to figure out which theme is being used.

Let’s begin.

Every WordPress theme has a style.css file. This file contains a theme header that tells WordPress the name of the theme, the author of the theme, the URI, the version, and more. It also includes the CSS styles used by the theme.

To find this file, go to the website you want to investigate. Right click anywhere on the screen and choose Show Page Source from the menu.

View the page source of a WordPress website

This will open the page source code in a new browser tab. Now you need to find a line in the source code that looks something like this:

You can click the URL on that line to open the style.css file.

Tip: Usually multiple style.css files are linked from the page source. You need to find the one with / wp-content / theme in the url.

At the top of the style.css file, you’ll see the Topic Header block which contains information about the topic used by the WordPress blog. It usually looks something like this:

Theme Name: Theme Name Theme URI: Author: ThemeAuthorName Author URI: Description: My theme is a flexible WordPress theme designed for portfolio websites. Version: 1.1.47 License: GNU General Public License v2 or higher License URI: Text Domain: hestia Tags: blog, custom logo, portfolio, e-commerce , RTL Language Support, Post Formats, Grid Layout, Single Column, Two Column, Custom Background, Custom Colors, Custom Header, Custom Menu, Featured Image Header, Featured Images, Flexible Header, Full Width Template, Sticky Post, Theme Options, Thread Comments , ready to translate

You may find the URL of the topic here or the URL of the topic author that will take you to the topic used by the website.

Find the parent topic

Many WordPress websites use sub-themes to customize their websites. In this case, the topic header contains information about the parent topic you are using.

* Topic Name: My Child Theme Description: Only one child topic Author: Peter Smith Author URL: Write the author’s blog or website url here Template: hestia Version: 1.0 License: GNU General Public License v2 or higher License URI: http: // Text domain: My-Child-Topic * /

In the example above, this header block has an additional ‘Template’ parameter in the theme header block. This template is the overarching theme used by this website.

You can also use the website’s source code to find out the parent topic. You will notice that a different style.css file was loaded from a different theme.

This other style.css file is the parent topic’s stylesheet. Clicking on it tells you which parent topic a site uses.

We hope this article has helped you figure out what WordPress theme is used on a website. You may also want to see a comparison of the best WordPress page builder plugins for creating custom layouts, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to create an email newsletter to increase your website traffic.

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